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[Meta] The SchuyBox Moving Forward

[Meta] The SchuyBox Moving Forward

Good morning / afternoon / night!

As with many of my projects, the SchuyBox is evolving (and dare I say, maturing?). The original purpose of this WordPress blog, that I started almost two years ago, was to recap the sporting events that I covered with my camera. But with a mixture of graduating college and a global pandemic, there hasn’t been a whole lot of sporting events to cover.

Moving forward, I plan on repurposing the SchuyBox blog into a kind of “catch-all” for my written musings. While this could still include sporting events’ recaps, it may also include, history, personal experiences, reviews of entertainment (movies, games, etc.), hopes and dreams, short stories, recipes, technology thoughts, and possibly much more. While I will never claim myself to be a writer, some days I just feel an irresistible urge to write. And this shall be the place for it … where the posts will be seen by up to three bots.

Of course, I foresee a majority of the posts being tied and/or related to either my photography or other digital work. But this is not an absolute, as nothing usually is.

Also of note, the photo used as the header image for this post has nothing to do with this post, or anything really – I just like it. Also also, I want to apologize in advance for the ads that appear on this site – I despise the ads specifically on these blog sites (the same ones would show up on blogger as well) – but I do not currently have the funding to rid this site of those foul beasts, so in the mean time I would suggest (for here as well as general internet browsing) downloading an adblocker onto your browser. I use and recommend “uBlock Origin”.

To view more of my up-to-date happenings, feel free to check out any of my social media (particularly Instagram and Twitter). The links are here somewhere…

Well, that’s all for now. Check back in another four months for a new post.

Matta ne! またね!


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