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The Whitecaps Come Out Victorious in a Tough Battle With the Whale

Sunday, October 27th, 2019 – The Connecticut Whale face-off against the reigning champions, the Minnesota Whitecaps. The Whale were coming into the game looking for their first win of the season after losing to the Whitecaps the day before 7-2. The Whitecaps were looking to start a winning streak.

The first period concludes with no score, despite Minnesota’s commanding volley of 12 shots on goal to Connecticut’s 6. Eight minutes expire in the second period before the Whitecaps’ Sydney Baldwin (assisted by Winny Brodt Brown and Jonna Curtis) finds the back of the net for the first goal of the game. Adding on to their already impressive total, Minnesota adds 15 more shots on goal for a two period total of 27 to Connecticut’s two period total of 13. The teams head back to the locker room with a score of 1-0 Whitecaps coming into the third.

A little under two minutes into the third period the Whale score (Kayla Meneghin with assists from Shannon Doyle and Jordan Brickner) to even the game at one goal a piece! About half way through the ninth minute in the third period, Connecticut’s Sarah Schwenzfeier (assists by Grace Klienbach and Shannon Doyle) gets the puck past Amanda Leveille to give the Whale their first lead in the series.

The tension in the crowd is rising as the minutes go down. It’s looking like the Whale are on their way to their first victory of the season.

2:31 left in the game: Minnesota’s Stephanie Anderson scores to tie the game at two (assists from Sydney Baldwin and Nicole Schammel).

Exactly two minutes later, with but a mere 31 seconds left in regulation, Minnesota’s Jonna Curtis finds the back of the net (with the help of Amanda Boulier and Audra Richards) to give the Whitecaps the lead and the game. The Whale lose again. Total shots on goal: Whitecaps – 45, Whale – 23.

A few notes: Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I thought the Whale looked really great that game, especially much better than their first couple. I definitely think the Whale have a win coming in the next few games. This past game they played together much more nicely, their passing was better. Sonjia Shelly (the Whale’s goalie) had an outstanding game, she’s definitely getting a better feel for the play in this league. The Whitecaps are just really good, despite their two losses to the undefeated Boston. Minnesota had the most amount of returners this season, giving them a slight advantage in terms of experience over the rest of the league.

Also side note: I absolutely love the Whitecaps jerseys – the black, blue, and white all go really nicely together. Anyway…

The Whale’s next game is Sunday, November 17th at the Danbury Ice Arena against the Buffalo Beauts.

Note: If there is any information wrong in this article, please let me know at or by messaging me on any of the social medias. I was going off of memory and what information I could find from NWHL Stats page. All photos were taken by Schuyler Meyer.


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